Make more tzuyu’s fake pleaseeee …

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make more tzuyu's fake pleaseeee

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[Anon] Twice – Tzuyu
배우 남지현 좀 요

[Anon] Twice – Tzuyu
WOW plz more twice♥

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[Phaedra] Blackpink – Jisoo
Open your god dam eyes, Idolfake. can't you god damn recognize fcking jisoo still? how dumbass motherfucker are you?

[Deep] Hello Venus – Nara
na ra @ hello venus

[GHS] Mamamoo – Hwasa
alwaus good to have more mamamoo fakes

[GHS] Kim Yuna
wonderful.. more

[Phaedra] BlackPink – Jisoo
Wjsn yeoruem and laboum plz

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