Urgently need a donation for buy a PC

y'all remember when my pc die?

  • hardrive totally broken
  • 3 days I update this site at cybercafe (feeling insecure)
  • finally I found a way to revive my pc, using flashdrive + chrome OS so no need hardrive
  • its work for couple days
  • and die again, one of my ram is broken (I use 2x2gb ddr2 ram), so only 2gb left
  • work normal after 2 days and today is totally die, I think is PSU

my pc is old specs (quad, 4gb ddr2 ram, gt 420) I bought when GTA V release maybe 3 years ago its not new, its used from OLX (like craiglist on my country) for Rp 2.250.000 ($ 200 ish), yep this old pc can run GTA V

why not buying new part (PSU, hardrive, ram)?

I notice one part from mainboard is fat+corrosive, so mainboard is almost die, its effective to buy a whole pc again than buying some new parts because with broken mainboard thats new part can be broken too

I'm desperate right now, I'm kinda hikikomori tbh, no friend no family but I'm happy I like live this way but I dont have back up when Im fucked like this,  I really need money guys, I really need PC because browsing+watching korean show+playing game thats how I killing time everyday

this is first time of my life begging for donation I dont know this working or not, I need Rp 1.300.000 ($125) to buy a PC again, I found from olx and thats a really good price good specs (used)

If you guys want to donate some money I accept via paypal, please send to:

MY Paypal

please send it as gift, I apreciate all ammout of donation my goal is just for $125

note: Alex (on paypal name) is my ex father name I used it for make paypal account because I still dont have ID card back in the day when I start idolfake, My real name is Ary

and you know idolfake is keep going down (508 error), my host server  is really bad, I pay  for one year but their service is bad even its last until december I want to change host server right after I got a PC

Please help me




whole PC

Dead 500gb hardrive, RIPdead 500gb hardrive

Dead DDR2 2GB RAMdead 2gb ddr2 ram

part from mainboard that nearly brokennearly broken part from mainboard

Dead 400w PSU, made in korea tho

dead PSU made in korea

found a good price good specfound a good price PC from OLX

8 Responses for Urgently need a donation for buy a PC

  1. Joe2 months ago

    Shameless cunt why don’t you hang yourself

    • Author

      idolfake2 months ago

      already tried last week but my throat hurt so bad, I hate died in pain

  2. Anonymous2 months ago

    How much money donate??
    Tell me i’ll give you help

    • Author

      idolfake2 months ago

      I’d take all ammount of donation…need around $125…thats $125 pc already sold tho, I’m not just waiting donation for my PC I also have part-time job, but I hope maybe theres someone will donate thats really help me, I need min spec with 4gb ram ddr3 + 1gb VGA thats enough for me, still update this site on cyber cafe right now…if you have paypal and want to donate please send it to:
      thanks 🙂

  3. Anon2 months ago

    I’ll donate when you post Xiyeon or Yeoreum fakes haha

    • Author

      idolfake2 months ago

      aww man I cant make a fake at cybercafe 🙁

  4. Concac2 months ago

    I can have you with fake photos.

    • Author

      idolfake2 months ago

      I don’t save pictures so I got nothing to send you 🙁